IAS Interview Questions Attended by KingMakers IAS Academy Candidate

Like Chennai Floods, Urban Floods Are Common, Tell Me The Mitigation Strategies Before,  During, After The Floods
1. What Is Bay Of Bengal Initiative, Explain About BIMSTEC And Its Importance
2. How The BIMSTEC Can Replace SAARC
3. What Will Be The Future Of BRICS
4. Do We Need To Increase The Number Of Police Or Smartness Of Police
5. How The Non-Vegetarians Contribute More To The Climate Change Than The Vegetarians
Member -2 ( He Is A Tamil Person Asked Questions In Tamil)
1.  Since Ur Hobby Is Writting Tamil Poems, Tell Me In What Themes You Wrote Poems
2. Say One Of Ur Favourite Poem Written By You And Translate In To English And Explain
3. He Said A Poem And Asked Me To Explain That In Tamil And Translate And Explain In English
4. What Happened In RK NAGAR Election And Why Is Has Been Suspended
5. What Is Ur Opinion From The Suspension Of RK NAGAR Election
Member -3
(Asked Question From Of SERVICE IRAS)
1. Tell Me The Recent Changes In The Account System Of Railways
2. What Is Accruel Accounting System How It Is Different From Cash Based Accounting System
3. Who Is CAG And What Is His Role
4. Does The Railway Has Any Auditing System
5. What Is The Different Between CAG Audit And Railway Audit
6. What Is IRFC
7. What Is The Function Of IRFC
Member -4 ( Lady Member)
1. In Continuation Of My Poems Meaning She Compared It With Greek And Latin Literature And Asked People Prefer Peace And Contenment Or Waiting And Searching
2. How The Liberalisation Affected The Peace And Contentment Of People
3. Tell Me About Telugu GANGAI Scheme And Why Always Tamil People Fighting With Neighbours For Water ( Hobby Creating Awareness About Rainwater Harvesting)
Followed Some Sub Questions
In Srilankan Fishermen Issue  What Is The Environmental Prob Involved..
Thank You.. Your Interview Is Over..


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